Lead Consulting // plus
with io-consultants

Your central contract and project partner for managing all planning trades and interfaces involved

As a consulting and planning company specialized in industrial projects, io-consultants meets the typical challenges of complex planning projects on a daily basis. These are:

  • a high number of project participants and stakeholders involved, both internal and external
  • multiple interfaces between the respective scope of services
  • the need to effectively integrate specialized planning knowledge and results to create a functional overall system
  • extensive requirements, in particular in terms of official approvals and liaising with authorities
  • long project duration from initial strategic decision-making through subsequent commissioning
  • high levels of capital expenditure
  • deadline and cost pressures
  • different cultural considerations in international projects

Success factors

Experience shows that it takes an expert and well-practiced team to manage the project risks associated with all these challenges and successfully deliver the desired outcomes. As many planning interfaces as possible should be brought together under one roof to enable principals to reap the maximum benefit that external planning services can offer. This is precisely where the potential for adherence to schedules and budget is anchored.

Our philosophy: Central contract and project partner

Under the umbrella of the Lead Consulting // plus services io-consultants unites all planning disciplines, from production and logistics through architecture and right up to IT, all in the safe hands of professional project management. Our experienced specialists planning team becomes the central contract and project partner for our clients.
io-consultants brings the planning disciplines together and manages all interfaces, including external stakeholders.



Your benefits

This approach provides our clients with comprehensive benefits such as:

  • significant reduction of project risks
  • maximum relief for the client’s project management function, freeing them up to focus on their actual daily business
  • optimized adherence to schedule and budget
  • investment security through 60 years of industrial expertise

Ihr Ansprechpartner 

Ansprechpartner Generalplanung: Florian Heimerl
Florian Heimerl Member of the Management Board/Partner Phone: +49 (0) 62 21 / 379-224 florian.heimerl@io-consultants.com