New tooling plant Ingolstadt

The new tooling plant at Ingolstadt assembles and builds both metal-forming tools and the body shell lines that are needed to support them. In other words, it forms the interface between development and series production. Its emphasis is on design-sensitive tooling that has to achieve the very highest performance levels. As a Center of Excellence, the Audi tooling plant plays a leading role in the Volkswagen Group. It specialises in developing, fine tuning, and producing the latest manufacturing technology and production facilities.

Project challenges

The automotive industry is faced with steadily diminishing product life cycles coupled with increasing complexity of new models. This requires fast and efficient operations in product development. 

As a result of winning the competition for the most innovative ideas, io-consultants was put in charge of the factory design and the implementation of the new tooling plant.

By dividing the interior of the plant into pressing, assembly/ finishing and core functions, the requirements for the factory were directly translated into the plant's architecture. The Audi tooling factory is lean and efficient in its process chain. One's first impression is quickly confirmed: Here quality has found a new home. The requirements for a factory designed to handle specific production processes have been transferred directly into an architectural solution.

Factory concept and implementation for new tooling plant

Factory planning, Logistics planning, Architecture

Ingolstadt, Germany

Customer value

The floor layout and the arrangement of the machine tools were finely adjusted to the workflow and related process requirements. Foundations for the machine tools have been double-insulated from the floor of the factory, thereby avoiding the transmission of vibrations and allowing extremely precise milling machine operation.

Winner of the German Tooling Award “Excellence in Production”.

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