Food Factory Concept

Azbuka Vkusa has been a synonym for high quality food and excellent service in Russia since 1997. The product range of one of Russia’s most popular and well-known supermarket chains comprises about 18,000 articles. Besides ready-to-eat and fresh fare, Azbuka Vkusa is known for its gourmet food and beverage selection. A large variety of European brand name products completes the supermarket’s offering.

Due to the growing success of the company’s own brand, Azbuka Vkusa needed an own food factory. To this purpose, a 40-year-old laundry facility was modernised and converted into a manufacturing plant with a capacity of 30 t of finished food products per day. The factory produces cold and warm foods, juices, sous-vide, bakery and coffee products. io-consultants developed the planning concept for the new factory, supervised and managed the implementation phase, and supported the customer in the operational start-up of the plant. Throughout all the phases of this challenging project, io-consultants maintained the focus on the customer’s stringent requirements. The consulting and planning company from Heidelberg was also responsible for drafting the concept and detail plan of the factory design, and supported Azbuka Vkusa in all tender and contracting processes. Construction monitoring and the respective approvals and homologation procedures were conducted in August 2012.

io-consultants also analysed the existing IT systems, and organised a multiple day workshop to assess and evaluate all IT processes and draft an optimisation proposal.
Thanks to their substantial experience and detailed process know-how, particularly in the field of quality and hygiene standards, io-consultants exceeded the high expectations of Azbuka Vkusa and completed the challenging project within a short space of time.

Concept for new food factory, implementation support

Commercial kitchen planning

Moscow, Russia

io-consultants developed a concept for the reconstruction of a 40-year-old laundry into a food factory. After completion of the conceptual phase, the company was commissioned to manage the realisation phase of the project. io-consultants also analysed the IT and its potential, and presented a solution for its optimisation.

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