Factory Planning

Britax, leading manufacturer of children’s safety and mobility products, will open new logistics and production facilities in Leipheim, near its present site in Ulm. 
io-consultants has been commissioned to carry out the project’s factory and logistics planning. The newbuild is necessary as the present building can no longer cater for the growing portfolio of the Britax and Britax Römer brands. Offices, production facilities and the current warehouse are all bursting at the seams.

The key challenge in planning the new site lies in the need for flexibility. Britax has to factor in substantial seasonal volume fluctuations on the one hand, and accommodate the growing product variety on the other. 
As such, the processes within production and logistics has to be considered in a holistic and concerted fashion. The objective is to better satisfy the rising customer needs all over the world.

Compared with the current site, where production is spread over three floors in different parts of the building, intralogistics processes will be significantly simplified in Leipheim. 
Production islands will be supplied with raw materials on-demand through on-site “supermarkets”, economic U-lines in assembly and flexible staff rotas will help production to adapt to seasonal fluctuations. Together with space saving pick to belt and pallet flow racking systems, this will ensure that delivery times to the customer will remain consistent, irrespective of order volumes.

Factory and logistics planning for new site

Logistics planning, Factory planning

Leipheim, Germany


”The production of child car seats will remain in Germany after our company’s move, which is an important quality feature for us. And whereas the production islands are now spread over three different floors, in the new premises they will all be at ground-level, providing for much better efficiency.“

Ronny Braem

European Operations Director


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