Lead Consultant for West Expansion

Flourishing growth at Deutsche SiSi Werke Betriebs GmbH, manufacturer of the internationally renowned “Capri-Sun” brand, had necessitated an extension of the production and logistics capacities at its headquarters in Eppelheim. io-consultants was commissioned as a lead consultant for the implementation, standard operations, and complete organisation of the project.

Project challenges

New administration and production premises were erected on a new plot of land to the west of the existing site. The centrepiece of the logistics extension is a 40m-high high bay warehouse – a compact facility with around 49,000 storage places and a sorting function for customised loading.

In contrast to classic high bay warehouses with high miniload stackers per lane, this channel storage system serves each lane with five miniload stackers, and to bin and from bin transfers are handled by a channel vehicle known as an orbiter.

Lead consultant for the implementation, standard operations, and complete organisation of the project

Logistics planning, IT consulting, SAP consulting, Architecture, project management, Lead Consulting // plus

Eppelheim, Germany

Customer value

SiSi now has additional flexibility to react to the varying arrival times of the delivery trucks – from bin transfer and pallet provision are activated when the driver reports at the site’s gate, and the entire process for each vehicle is completed within 30 minutes at the most. The process is controlled by SAP EWM MFS, which io consultants’ SAP specialists also helped to introduce during the project.
io consultants also lead the implementation phase and carried out all related quality assurance processes.


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