Future-proof concept for production, logistics and IT

DHU German Homeopathic Union, based in Karlsruhe, is an internationally operating company of the pharmaceutical industry with 400 employees. The company is affiliate of the research-based Schwabe Group and is Germany's leading producer of homeopathic medicine. DHU is committed to producing only the highest quality of homeopathic products. The company is also intensively involved in research and development.

Project challenges

More than 1,600 raw materials of herbal, animal or mineral origin are processed into a product range that consists of more than 400,000 possible preparations. An increase in the sales volume and GMP requirements made an extensive restructuring of the supply chain strategy necessary to secure an optimal position in competition.

io-consultants' task was to develop the correct parameters for a target-oriented and efficient value added process. The clear concept for the improvement of the value added chain involves various tasks and terminates the steps for the implementation of planned activities. The objectives to be achieved result in an overall concept: short-term, mid-term and long-term measures, investment plans and results scenarios are a solid foundation for the management’s decisions.

Concept for production, logistics and IT

Pharma/Biotech planning, IT-Consulting, Logistics planning

Karlsruhe, Germany

Customer value

As a full-line provider, DHU also offers special products in micro batches alongside its large batch items. To be able to profitably implement this wide variety of items, it was necessary to realign the IT system architecture. The new configuration optimally unites the existing systems under SAP R/3. Electronic batch records (EBR) can now also be generated fully integrated.

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