New Logistics and Production

HARIBO, the global market leader in the fruit gummy bear and liquorice sector, is building a new production, administration and logistics site at the ‘Innovationspark Rheinland’ near its headquarters in Bonn. io-consultants is supporting the project with a team of logistics and IT experts in the implementation and commissioning phase and is also in charge of scheduling, cost controlling and coordinating the various involved parties.

HARIBO’s new logistics central warehouse will secure efficient production supply from and dispatch to the warehouse and, once all stock is consolidated in one place, significantly ease the current complexity of having to manage multiple warehouse locations.

Finished goods, raw materials, and manufacturing and operating supplies will be stored in the automatic high-bay warehouse that provides around 100,000 pallet storage places in over 20 aisles. Manually-operated cold storages were added to the logistics centre to adequately accommodate flavour products and other high-quality raw materials needed for production. In outgoing goods, automatic sequencers will coordinate load sequencing in consignment buffer lanes. A-articles will be automatically replenished from the high-bay warehouse to the picking warehouse that holds A, B, and C-articles. The HARIBO displays will be assembled and packaged on a separate level (value-added service). All areas will be automatically connected over two levels with heavy-duty electric pallet floor conveyors.

“The key challenge at the new site was to ensure the simultaneous interaction between two major processes. On the one hand, supplies and withdrawals between the warehouse and production occur fully automatically, via a bridge. At the same time, automatic sequencers allocate the shipments to the HGVs for LIFO (last in first out) deliveries. At peak times, HARIBO can thus achieve a turnover of more than 600 pallets per hour,” explains Dietmar Berger, partner at io-consultants.

Supporting implementation and commissioning phase of new logistics site

Logistics planning, IT-Consulting

Grafschaft, Germany


”During the implementation and commissioning phase it was vital to have a partner such as io-consultants at our side, whose excellent interdisciplinary expertise led us to complete the project on time and within budget.“

Stefan Sorce

Head of Global Logistics


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