New oral liquid plant for Jiangzhong Medical

Jiangzhong Corporation is the leading company in the OTC (Over The Counter) industry, continuously striving to improve medical quality as well as people’s health. Today, Jiangzhong is a modern integrated corporation involving pharmaceutical manufacturing, nutrition and real estate. Its strategy is to focus on OTC medicines of TCM (Tradional Chinese Medicine), while developing prescription drugs as supplements; keeping the increase of OTC, while expanding the market share of healthcare and food products.

Project challenges

The new plant is located in TCM Valley, Nanchang, Jiangxi, China. JZJT plans to produce the TCM products ShenlingCao (SLC) with a capacity of 20 million bottles per year (10 million for phase1) and Chuyuan(CY) with a capacity of 90 million per year. The facility will provide pre-treatment of plant medicine, preparation filling, automatic stereoscopic warehouse and auxiliary facilities etc. 

A key focus of the design process has been to concentrate on flexibility for future expansion to meet the changing needs of JZJTZ and the market io-consultants provided the master plan and integrated building design defining the key data. Based on the chosen scenario, conceptual and basic design of the production building (including pre-treatment, fill and finish) was developed, and detail design review for the production building carried out.

Concept and basic design for new oral liquid plant

Pharma/Biotech planning, Architecture

Nanchang, Jiangxi, China

Customer value

io-consultants’ design provides Jiangzhong’s new facility with fully automatic operation for high-end oral liquid production, energy saving and environmental protection including photovoltaic energy production integrated into the south façade. The architectural concept evolves out of blending with and emerging out of the surrounding landscaping and creates a unique future-oriented complex where all functions are clearly legible. These aspects and more set JZJT clearly ahead of the Asian market and provide the basis for its future success.

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