Central cook + chill kitchen in the new hospital

"Mühlenkreis-Hospitals (AöR)" is the name of the consortium founded in July 2006, consisting of the Hospital Minden, Lübbecke, Bad Oeynhausen, Rahden and Auguste-Viktoria-Hospital. With annual revenue of € 285 million, the Mühlenkreis consortium of hospitals and clinics is one of the largest publicly owned providers of healthcare services. 72,000 overnight patients receive treatment here every year, more than half in the Hospital Minden.

Project challenges

The construction of the new Johannes Wesling Hospital Minden took only 3 years. Planned in line with state of the art medical and operational concepts and equipped with the latest technology, this facility offers 864 beds and represents the pinnacle of medical services throughout the region and beyond. This also applies to the new central kitchen. During construction of the new building, efficient meal supply had to be planned and implemented both for the new hospital and two further hospitals in the consortium. 

io-consultants' task was to design the industrial kitchen for this "green field" project and develop a system for efficient, hygienically safe supply of meals. The implementation was accompanied through all project phases right up to start of operation. The central kitchen at the new "Johannes Wesling Hospital Minden" is equipped with state of the art systems. Using the cook + chill method, it also provides meals for two other hospitals, thereby serving over 1,950 guests every day.

Planning of industrial kitchen for new hospital

Commercial kitchen planning

Minden, Germany

Customer value

With new technology being intelligently used, creative layouts and delivery both on-time and within budget - professional, neutral planning and site management allows the new central kitchen to serve as an exemplary model. The layout was developed in close cooperation with the archi-tectural requirements, including incorporation of concepts to keep the distances involved short. So, the cooling areas for crockery, meals, and trolleys are arranged around the portioning area.

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