New Inflight Catering Facility

Lufthansa Service Holding AG is a 100% subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, and the parent company of LSG Sky Chefs, the world’s largest provider of airline services.

Project challenges

Modern production processes, appealing food presentation, and a global network all make LSG Sky Chefs a strong service provider. Quality, consistency and innovation are the company’s central values – values that also the newbuild project at Frankfurt Airport must live up to. The expansion of Frankfurt Airport's Terminal 1 led to the relocation of the catering building to the Gateway Gardens area.

io-consultants played a leading role in the project, from planning through to standard operations of the entire technical equipment, including production, cooling, dishwashing and waste disposal equipment, the material flow, and the logistics systems. The tasks also involved managing the interfaces with construction and TBE. The new facilities in Gateway Gardens Frankfurt were designed to produce up to 90,000 meals per day.
The concept focused on providing the highest level of food quality at significantly lower energy costs and with the shortest possible processing times. Intelligent planning has led to efficiency and innovation. A special system-supported solution now tracks all outbound movements, allocates products, and checks deliveries for completeness, thus ensuring process transparency and service quality.

Planning and implementation of all technical equipment of new catering facility

Commercial kitchen planning

Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Customer value

Economic efficiency and functionality were equally in the focus of all activities – the use of electric monorail systems (EMS) was simulated, alternatives were calculated, and processes optimised. The ensuing solution has reduced throughput times by 18 hours and resulted in a faster ROI.

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