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MTU Friedrichshafen is among the world's leading manufacturers of large diesel engines, propulsion systems and energy generation plants. Together with MTU Onsite Energy, MTU is one of the leading brands of Tognum, whose annual revenue for 2007 exceeded € 2.8 billion. With diesel engines of up to 9,100 kW and gas turbines of up to 50,000 kW, the product range is the broadest and most advanced in the sector. The products are used for land, marine and rail applications as well as for local energy generation plants.

Project challenges

Absolute customer orientation is one of MTU's primary aims. The newly built logistics centre is an important component in the global service network, as it provides fast and error-free spare parts supply. With a strict focus on growing customer needs and an ever expanding increase in the variety of parts, a decision was made to invest in a new site. An overall concept for a fast, economic and error-free processing of the spare parts sector was needed.

io-consultants' task was to support MTU in all aspects, from the first vision to the start-up of the new logistics centre. The overall concept, dimensioning, operator model, site analysis, detailed planning, IT systems, removal organisation and project management were covered by the broad range of services.

Holistic concept to implementation for newbuild of logistics centre for spare parts

SAP-ConsultingLogistics planning, IT project management

Überlingen, Germany

Customer value

The home of the new logistics centre for spare parts is in Überlingen, Germany, where the global supply business is centrally processed by means of perfect procedures from order to supply. The comprehensive support from a single source provided MTU with a team of competent and experienced experts during the entire project and guaranteed the achievement of all project goals. A web-based project portal was provided for the managers of the many subprojects, enabling all those involved to keep track of deadlines, tasks and costs at all times.

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