New flight catering facility

The Oberoi Group runs 28 top level hotels and three luxury cruisers in 5 countries. It won many awards for the quality of its services. The hotels in the Group rank among the best in the world, operating under banners such as "Oberoi Houses" and the 5-star brand "Trident". Around 12,000 employees work for the Group. Oberoi Flight Services is a subsidiary and works to the Group's high standards. Its core values are quality, service and efficiency. Instilling and living out a culture of environmental protection and conservation is a key part of the company's philosophy.

Project challenges

The expansion of the New Delhi airport made it necessary to build a new catering facility. A new and flexibly expandable facility, capable of handling a production of 30,000 meals a day at full capacity, was to be constructed and built at a new site.

io-consultants' task was to supervise the project all the way to completion as lead consultant, assuming responsibility for the master plan, architecture, logistics and systems - from the basic concept through to start-up management. The project was completed in Mumbai.

Lead consulting for new inflight catering facility

Commercial kitchen planning, Architecture, Logistics planning

Mumbai, India

Customer value

The design of the new facility intelligently combines active and passive solutions. During construction, great emphasis was placed on local sourcing. For example many local building materials were used. A water purification system rounds off the package of measures. The holistic planning made it possible to directly implement process planning solutions into the architecture.

The goal was to achieve a significant increase in process efficiency. All areas were arranged to keep routes as short as possible. To secure compliance with the strict international hygiene regulations, the entire facility is clearly divided into hygiene zones.

Winner of the Future Kitchen Award 2012.

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