Richard Wolf Logistics Centre

Richard Wolf GmbH is a leading medical engineering firm – the company’s endoscopes have an excellent worldwide reputation for quality and innovation. The company owes its continuous success and flourishing growth to its more than 1,400 employees, 14 subsidiaries, 130 representations, and its comprehensive portfolio of international services and trainings. Richard Wolf GmbH is headquartered in Knittlingen, in southwest Germany.

Due to the company’s constant growth rate, it was decided to expand the warehouse capacities as well as the order picking and service areas. Richard Wolf GmbH invested around €16 million in the construction of the new premises that span approx. 10,000 sqm of effective space.

io-consultants supported Richard Wolf GmbH with an interdisciplinary team of experts from IT, logistics, integrated building design, and project management to ensure the project’s successful completion.
Richard Wolf GmbH’s intention was to consolidate the previously decentralised warehouse and logistics facilities into one central warehouse. The new logistics and service centre was designed to ensure the efficient turnaround of new products and, at the same time, serve as a principal hub for customer repairs and service work. Customer services have thus been improved through an optimised flow of goods as well as through faster processing of repairs.

The building complex consists of a two-storey front building which leads on to a single-floor warehouse. It accommodates a pallet warehouse and automatic small parts storage with state-of-the-art shuttle technology for around 34,000 containers. From here, finished products for end users as well as for use at workshops and congresses are dispatched.


Planning and implementation of new logistics and service centre

Logistics planning, SAP consulting, architecture, project management, Lead Consulting // plus

Knittlingen, Germany

A shuttle warehouse with fully automated storage and retrieval of around 34,000 containers in three lanes and on 17 levels forms the heart of the logistics centre.

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