New manufacturing facility

The company Sanofi-Aventis is operates a sterile production at their Frankfurt site, where formulation and primary packaging of biotech and insulin products takes place. For the production area io-consultants performed a concept review.

Project challenges

During the study io-consultants optimised the layout, personal and material flow based on new challenges resulting from filling of biotech products:

  • Filling of clinical and commercial batches
  • Implementation of single use concepts
  • Improved segregation and faster product changes

At the End of project io-consultants compiled a plan for the conversion during normal production.

Concept review and plan for the conversion during normal production

Pharma/Biotech planning, Architecture, project management, Lead Consulting // plus

Frankfurt, Germany

Customer value

During the concept review io-consultants developed a solution for flexible operation of filling for biotech products together with Sanofi. Filling ranges from clinical to commercial batches.

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