Expansion of manufacturing plant

Teva, world market leader in generic medicine and one of the 10 biggest pharmaceutical companies worldwide, has expanded its production facilities in the German town of Blaubeuren-Weiler with a new sterile manufacturing plant. 

Aiming at an increase of the company’s production capacities, io-consultants analysed the existing plans and supported Teva in expanding its facilities. They were responsible for planning the required pharmaceutical processes, clean media, and the logistics functions and advised Teva on a new IT concept. The new plant was directly connected to the already existing sterile manufacturing building, thus creating valuable synergies by using and incorporating the available infrastructure and operations. The building was designed on a modular basis, starting with four sterile manufacturing units that can be extended in the future without interrupting manufacturing processes. The new plant has a production capacity of 30 million bottles of nasal spray per year, doubling the previous volume. Sold in pharmacies all over Germany, the nasal spray is also exported abroad, e.g. to Russia. 

Furthermore, the plant comprises four packaging lines (1,550 sqm) and an inspection area of 1,300 sqm. These operations and the relating technical equipment span a total area of 16,000 sqm.  During the conceptual phase, io-consultants and Teva developed a master plan for the site in Weiler in foresight of possible future expansion plans. The master plan comprised all necessary logistics functions like, for instance, the realisation of a new goods receiving and dispatch area as well as the construction of a fully automated high bay warehouse. 

The entire production line – from preparation to aseptic filling including all the required auxiliary operations and channeling units – was equipped with innovative technology and state-of-the-art machinery. The same applies to the high quality clean rooms.

Expansion of manufacturing plant

Pharma/Biotech planning, Manufacturing IT

Blaubeuren-Weiler, Germany

The project team met the challenge to complete the entire project – from basic design through to the production of the first batch – within 18 months and kept to all the deadlines of the planning partners’ time schedule. io-consultants prepared all the planning documents according to EMA and GMP guidelines, taking into account the applicable health and safety regulations.

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