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The University Hospital Frankfurt is the second largest hospital in the state of Hessia, comprising 32 clinical departments and research facilities, and employing 4,300 staff. An annual average of 42,000 inhouse patients and 200,000 outpatients are treated in more than 60 buildings that are connected by 27 km of campus roads.

As the key patient care units needed to be merged into one central location, the entire site had to undergo complete reorganisation and consolidation. In light of this, it was decided to abandon the old services building that accommodated the central warehouse and the canteen kitchen and service area for the employees and students.

The new central services building was to be erected in lieu of the former facility in the exact same place. An interim solution therefore had to be found to ensure continued and regular catering for patients, employees and students. io consultants planned, supported and implemented the project. The company’s lead consulting tasks included planning the architecture, statics, TBE, the entire kitchen and cooling facilities, and the central warehouse.

Since the completion of the new building in 2016, the University Hospital has been using a mixed serving system comprising cook & serve, cook & chill, and cook & freeze technologies. State-of-the-art equipment and cooking technology enables the kitchen staff to serve up to 5,000 meals a day.


Planning of kitchen equipment and central warehouse incl. logistics

Commercial kitchen planning

Frankfurt a.M., Germany

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