Intralogistics concept

The WARSTEINER brewery is one of the largest privately-owned breweries in Germany. Founded in 1753, the family business developed to be a group with numerous subsidiaries and associated companies, including the hotel group Welcome. The brand "Warsteiner Premium Verum" is sold in more than 60 countries worldwide. In 2009 Warsteiner reached a sales volume of 5.7 Mio. hl and a total turnover of 560 Mio Euro. Warsteiner successfully meets the increasing quality requirements that are placed on a modern brewery.

Project challenges

The maxim is "Innovation from Tradition", top priority is customer orientation. A steadily growing product portfolio is offered in 30 different container types today. This calls upon efficient structures from logistics, too. The diversification of the product range requires a reorientation of intralogistics in the Warstein facility. Structures and capacities had to be adjusted to the changed demands and with a view to future security.

io-consultants’ task was first of all the generation of an extensive requirements profile for the future logistics and to carefully monitor the current performance. Possible courses of action for reorganisation and investment were to be developed and evaluated. For the selected solution a detailed master plan for the new warehouse areas and a phased plan for implementation were to be generated.

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Concept and master plan for logistics, rollout SAP EWM

Logistics Planning, SAP-Consulting

Warstein, Germany

Customer Value

The areas were dimensioned and the section standardised. Safety-related aspects like fire protection or routing of heavy visitor traffic were considered. A new hall for the handling of single-use items was integrated in the planning of the facility structure, its realisation incorporated into the phased plan.

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