Rollout SAP EWM

Zehnder Group International, located in Gränichen (CH) stands synonymous for heat and comfortable room climates. The product range extends from heaters and radiators to radiant ceiling panels and ventilation systems, for private and industrial use.

Project challenge

The homogenisation of the Group’s IT landscape and the installation of a new central warehouse at the German site in Lahr also required redefining some processes and choosing a standard WMS for the various distribution points. io-consultants was responsible for the generation of the template blueprints and the decision to use SAP EWM for the new logistics centre, and the ensuing rollout at the sites in Lahr and Gränichen.

The planning and consulting company defined the core processes of the future warehouse management system together with Zehnder teams from the various European sites. For the complex warehouses in Lahr and Gränichen, the teams chose a decentralised SAP EWM For the complex warehouses in Lahr and Gränichen, while, for the smaller sites in France and England and the production warehouses, a centralised version of SAP EWM was considered the best solution. A pilot installation for accessories was set up to verify the processes. Furthermore, the bulkiness of the goods involved special logistic requirements and WMS provisions, particularly in terms of loading space planning, picking sequence optimisation, and goods loading preparation.

Following the smooth integration of automatic paternoster storage facilities into SAP EWM, the next major challenge lay in mastering the complex mobile communication-supported manual processes. The high proportion of customised production requires intelligent cross-docking concepts and effective shuttle services between the sites.

Template Blueprints and Rollout SAP EWM


Lahr (DE), Gränichen (CH)

Customer value

io-consultants generated the template blueprints and organised the SAP EWM rollout at Zehnder Group International’s new logistics centre. The planning and consulting company also handled all the tender and selection processes for the external logistics service provider, resulting in an easy-to-learn user interface of reduced complexity.

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