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Ensuring fast and reliable supplies of spare parts imposes high requirements on your infrastructure. Other influencing factors for efficient after-sales services include global client relationships, international supplier networks, guaranteed service levels, and political, legal, financial and strategic standards. If your company has multiple sites all over the world, you will also face additional challenges such as correct product range distribution within the network, reliable information technology to connect all sites, global process standards, and inventory management for complete transparency along the supply chain. 

Thanks to our many years of experience in spare parts logistics, we know the specific challenges in times of rapid change. Finding the right solutions to meet the growing customer demands in after-sales logistics is also an essential part of our services. 

Daimler, BMW, MAN Truck & Bus, VW, Trumpf, Liebherr, Bosch – these and many more renowned companies trust in the strategic and operational consulting services provided by io-consultants along the entire after-sales value chain.

Whether for inventory optimisation, efficient product range selection, or improved turn-around times and service levels – we guide our clients through all stages from strategic considerations to implementation. Based on our experience with highly complex projects, we make sure from an early stage on that the developed concepts can be implemented into ongoing operations without any bottlenecks and with an optimal degree of service levels. We apply a broad spectrum of excellent, tried and trusted methods, detailed migration plans for implementation, and consistent project management. 

After-sales business presents a number of specific requirements which do not only relate to a company’s overall strategic direction and global framework, but also, at site level, to the design and concept of intralogistics processes and systems: 

-    fast, efficient deliverability, also for very broad, often low-demand to non-demand product ranges 
-    changed order structures and increased returns caused by rises in e-commerce and service promises
-    rising significance of VAS (value-added services) such as product kits, customising, and repackaging as additional process challenges

Based on the latest, state-of-the-art industry trends, we plan and implement complete logistics solutions for our clients, including all the respective architecture, IT, and SAP consulting services.

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We offer reliable, productive and efficient solutions that lead to measurable success. Learn more about our successful projects with renowned clients around the world:
  • BMW Group

    Task: Concept and detailed design of all logistics facilities, invitation to tender for storage and conveyor systems, and operating equipment Services: Logistics planning Location: Dingolfing, Germany
  • MAN Truck & Bus

    Task: Concept for spare parts logistics network, expasion at Salzgitter site, logistics centre Services: Logistics planning, Architecture, Project management Location: Salzgitter, Germany
  • MTU

    Task: Holistic concept to implementation for newbuild of logistics centre for spare parts Services: SAP-Consulting, Logistics planning, Project management Location: Überlingen, Germany

Other clients we work for

Liebherr, Trumpf, Volkswagen and others

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Ansprechpartner Aftersales und Automotive: Adrian Siegler
Adrian Siegler Managing Director/Partner Phone: +49 (0) 62 21 / 379-277

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As a lead consultant, we provide comprehensive services across a variety of disciplines – production, logistics, architecture and IT – and will oversee each stage of your project from the beginning right through to standard operations.

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io-consultants provides integrated consulting, design and planning services for production, logistics and supply chain management, as well as for architecture and IT projects. Since our launch in 1958, we have been helping our clients improve their supply and value chain with a wide range of services: from developing ideas into strategies to implementing complex industry projects as a lead consultant.