Customised logistics concepts for the fashion industry – from manual to fully automated

Logistics processes and space requirements are strongly influenced by product groups (flat-packed or hanging goods, shoes, accessories) and business models such as own brand collections or multi label sales. 

In online retailing, the logistic requirements on processes and the related need for flexibility are even more complex. While growth rates are still on the rise, order sizes are becoming smaller, turn-around times constantly shorter, and returns processing increasingly time-consuming and costly. Satisfying all these conditions requires a high degree of automation and intelligent IT solutions.

Adidas, Hugo Boss, Schustermann & Borenstein with their brand, the IC Group – io consultants plans and implements logistics solutions for discerning fashion industry clients.

With io-consultants, clients can always count on individual solutions fitted to their specific needs:

  • consideration of the entire supply chain from the manufacturing line in the Far East to the retail shelf
  • flexible and fast processes, also in peak season and at daily peak times just before cutoffs
  • meeting the rise in value-added services such as price labelling and attachment of electronic article surveillance devices for store merchandise
  • ensuring sufficient space and lean processes for the push process in seasonal changeovers or new store openings
  • optimising turn-around times and productivity for resource- and time-intensive processes, particularly in e commerce
  • implementing suitable automation for all product groups and process stages, such as bag sorter systems, dynamic buffers, integration of flat-packed and hanging goods or technologies for box erecting and closing
  • streamlining of the goods receiving processes, e.g. with advanced shipping notifications (ASNs) and support for the sorting and order recording processes
  • consistent prevention of out-of-stock situations through intelligent inventory management and faster availability of new goods and returns

Whatever your requirements, we will see you reliably through the entire project – backed by our many years of industry experience and our holistic approach that incorporates all related aspects such as logistics, architecture and IT. 

From strategic supply chain planning, master planning of logistics centres, economic analyses of various processes and technologies, to successful go-live, we are the reliable partner at your side from start to finish. 

Our on-site support and 24/7 helpline will assist you with any issues during operations. You can rely on our interdisciplinary teams of competent experts and our professional project management at all times.


We offer reliable, productive and efficient solutions that lead to measurable success. Learn more about our successful projects with renowned clients around the world:
  • BestSecret

    Task: Newbuild of central warehouse from planning to implementation support Services: Logistics planning, IT Consulting, Architecture, Project management, Lead Consulting // plus Location: Poing, Germany
  • Hugo Boss

    Task: Comprehensively automated logistics and IT concept for new distribution centre for flat packed goods Services: Logistics planning, IT Consulting, Project management Location: Filderstadt-Bonlanden, Germany

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As a lead consultant, we provide comprehensive services across a variety of disciplines – production, logistics, architecture and IT – and will oversee each stage of your project from the beginning right through to standard operations.

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