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Complex delivery and process chains are characteristic to the mechanical and plant engineering sector and give rise to questions such as: Which spare parts are available at the installed base in the respective countries or regions, and which are not? How much storage space is needed for which quantities? Until which stage of production can articles be manufactured as ‘neutral’ products before being customised on demand?
Thanks to our many reference projects in mechanical and plant engineering, we have answers to these questions – and can therefore provide our clients with cost-effective solutions for their specific needs.

io-consultants provides reliable solutions along the entire manufacturing process in mechanical and plant engineering – from complex supply chain concepts to handling single components and spare parts.

We draw on extensive experience from numerous logistics planning and after-sales  projects to provide reliable consulting services for logistics and production-related topics.


We offer reliable, productive and efficient solutions that lead to measurable success. Learn more about our successful projects with renowned clients around the world:

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As a lead consultant, we provide comprehensive services across a variety of disciplines – production, logistics, architecture and IT – and will oversee each stage of your project from the beginning right through to standard operations.

About io‑consultants

io-consultants provides integrated consulting, design and planning services for production, logistics and supply chain management, as well as for architecture and IT projects. Since our launch in 1958, we have been helping our clients improve their supply and value chain with a wide range of services: from developing ideas into strategies to implementing complex industry projects as a lead consultant.