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Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH is planning a new a new 24,000 m² building providing an atrium, office and social areas, as well as ample space for product development, production, and logistics. The new structure is expected to provide 400 new jobs.

As Erbe’s key project partner, we are responsible for HOAI phases 1-8, providing all services from concept planning through to implementing the new manufacturing facility.

About Erbe

Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH develops, manufactures and markets surgical instruments and devices worldwide and offers professional services in a range of medical fields.

The international Erbe network comprises 15 subsidiaries in Europe, America, and Asia, with offices and activities in 100 country markets. Erbe has 1,026 employees, about 600 of whom are based at its headquarters in Tübingen and 100 in Rangendingen.

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Our longstanding expertise and comprehensive experience in factory planning, architecture, clean room and kitchen technology, logistics, and project management was a key factor for Erbe Elektromedizin in selecting us as their lead consultant.

Sustainable state-of-the-art building design – from CO2-reduced construction with recyclable materials to solar-powered operation with the building’s own 1 MW high-performance photovoltaic roof.

carbon-reduced building design

The core philosophy of the building is to perfectly blend in with the surrounding nature. It is our intention to create an example of fine architecture for the people of Rangendingen and Erbe’s employees.

As a trailblazing industrial building in Germany, Erbe’s new site will meet the very strict requirements of KfW’s efficient housing standard 40, consuming 60% less primary energy than comparable projects.

Wherever feasible, the building will be constructed with regionally sourced and specially treated timber.

The south-north and roof façades are wrapped around the building like tree bark, shielding the interior both visually and physically from the extremes of heat, light, cold and wind.

New Logistics and Distribution Center

AutoStore® small parts warehouse becomes centerpiece of Erbe’s new site

The project comprises a new logistics and distribution center of 5,500 m² with an AutoStore® small parts warehouse as its centerpiece. The warehouse will handle the majority of all customer orders as well as internal production supply.

Expansion Made Simple

The plans for the new site foresee a gradual expansion of the AutoStore® warehouse.

Starting with 13,500 containers, the warehouse’s capacity can easily be extended by 9,000 more containers and additional robots at a later point in time, without requiring any structural changes.

Innovative Small Parts Storage System

AutoStore® strives for an optimal volume utilization rate by significantly eliminating movements and shelves while simply storing boxes in 5 m high stacks.

In order to meet all applicable fire protection requirements, the warehouse will be equipped with ceiling sprinkler system, fire protection plates and enhanced accessibility for the fire department.

ABC Analysis

AutoStore® uses the ABC method to store frequently requested products further up in the stack while less requested articles are step by step shifted down further down step by step and stored in lower positions.


Robots move on an aluminum rail system above the stacks to reach individual containers.

The robots are equipped with a gripper system that can pick up and add containers to the stacks. This rearrangement of containers makes it possible to reach all containers – even those that are located “further down” in a stack.

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