io-consultants joins Economic Council Germany

Heidelberg - 8.11.2018

io-consultants joined the Economic Council Germany to intensify its networking activities and strengthen its contribution to the latest industry trends. Founded in 1963, the Economic Council represents the interests of large corporations and SMEs towards politics, public administration and the general public. It currently has about 12,000 members in Germany and offers businesses a platform for shaping economic and social politics. 

io-consultants joined the Rhine-Neckar Section of the Baden-Württemberg chapter as a corporate member. We interviewed Dr. Christian Barysch, partner and head of Factory Design at io-consultants, and the company’s representative at the Economic Council.

What are the reasons for your involvement in the Economic Council?

Christian Barysch: The Economic Council is an ideal forum for networking with other entrepreneurs and influencers in Baden-Württemberg and beyond. It also gives us the opportunity to contribute to important economic issues and help shape a political framework of favourable business conditions – which is an essential aspect of our daily project business.

What exactly will you be contributing?

Christian Barysch: The Economic Council is divided into expert groups that are dedicated to specific subjects. For now I’ve joined the following groups:

  • Artificial intelligence and innovation
  • Internet, digital economy, and cyber security
  • Family-owned businesses and SMEs
  • Social market economy

At the moment, I am looking forward to participating in my first meetings to find out how and what I can contribute to the work of the Council.

Which aspects are important to you?

Christian Barysch: The expert groups and commissions basically devise opinions and recommendations on current issues in their respective fields, and we can directly contribute our wealth of experience to these discussions. Through our project work and the close collaboration with our clients, we are involved with the decisive aspects of these previously mentioned topics at a very early stage. This applies to strategic issues relating to the investment climate in Germany as well as to promoting innovation and digitisation. It therefore stands to reason that we are very keen to share our knowledge and experience.

In addition, the Council provides us with a platform to network with entrepreneurs beyond the sphere of our project business and to discuss the major business topics of our times with them. This will undoubtedly result in valuable input for our company, our strategy and our projects.

The Economic Council is a strong advocate of digitisation in small and medium enterprises, maintaining Germany as an industrial stronghold, and devising a master plan for the issues posed by demographic development. How will you contribute to this?

Christian Barysch: All these issues are a major concern for us and affect us in two ways: on the one hand, we are looking for solutions and answers to the challenges of our clients; on the other, we, as a company, face very similar issues.

The solutions we offer our clients and plan on their behalf for their digitisation needs are constantly changing. This includes increasingly automated and autonomous systems as well as interconnected and integrated value chains. At the same time, our own digitisation is leading to new methods, tools and data availability – and consequently creating new opportunities and processes for us. We are currently in the process of advancing our digitisation strategy and positioning our company in this field.

Besides digitisation, we are also affected by demographic trends and any issues concerning Germany as an industrial nation, since we generate a substantial share of our revenue here. This is why I firmly believe that we are a valuable partner and contributor to these panels.


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