io-consultants participates in NCT charity run

Heidelberg - 11.7.2016

io-consultants took part in the National Centre for Tumour Diseases 2016 charity run in Heidelberg on Friday, 8 July, with a team of 22 motivated runners. In keeping with the motto of the event: “NCT-RUNning to beat cancer, how far would you go?” they joined the battle against cancer and ran a total of 53 rounds, finishing in an admirable 29th place.

The huge success of past years motivated the NCT to extend the event this year. While the traditional NCT course remained at 2.5 km per round, a half marathon was added in 2016.
io-consultants donated its starting fee of €335 to the NCT cancer research fund. Event partner Roche additionally sponsored each completed round with €2.50 – up to a total of 5,200 rounds.


  • NCT Spendenlauf Team io-consultants

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