io-consultants plans worldwide distribution centres for BMW

Heidelberg - 8.7.2016

io-consultants is supporting the BMW Group with warehouse equipment planning for regional distribution centres. The first such centre, covering an area of 70,000 m², began operations this spring in the southern German town of Kleinaitingen. These facilities now directly supply dealers throughout the whole of southern Germany, thus easing the load of the Dynamics Centre in Dingolfing. In Thailand’s capital Bangkok, a regional distribution centre started operations for the south-east Asian territory in May 2016.

“We began restructuring the spare parts logistics in Dingolfing back in March 2015 - including the existing centralised spare parts distribution centre (“ZTA”). Due to its success, the project has since served as a basis for planning other distribution centres across the world,” says Thomas Kilimann, Managing Director at io-consultants. The ZTA includes a new distribution centre in Wallersdorf, a new spare parts warehouse in Bruckberg-Gündlkofen, and the “Dynamics Centre” spare parts warehouse in Dingolfing. These Bavarian sites manage all global spare parts supplies to the continental and regional distribution centres.

The projects comprise new constructions on greenfield sites as well as existing warehouses that will be expanded or added to the current logistics structure. io-consultants developed a standardised planning process for the purpose, based on its experience in planning spare parts supply chains. A comprehensive tool, customised to BMW’s needs, ensures uniform standards and fast planning results. “In the warehouse system selection phase, the customer opted for a low level of automation in order to guarantee the highest level of flexibility,” Kilimann goes on to explain. The warehouse areas are already scalable so as to react quickly to customer needs. In addition, the high turnover of new products also calls for maximum flexibility.

In contrast to the ZTA planning project, here, several smaller projects need to be managed simultaneously at different sites and country-specific requirements and circumstances must be factored in. io-consultants, an established expert in after-sales consulting, is responsible for the entire operational distribution logistics planning in this collaboration with BMW. In the initial project phase, the two companies jointly developed a basic approach for each individual site. The main focus was on restructuring all the material flows in order to optimise customer service and increase flexibility while simultaneously simplifying processes and reducing lead times and transportation and handling costs.


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