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Heidelberg - 16.12.2016

Engineers Without Borders e.V., an academic association at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), is building an orphanage and a school for around 300 children in mountainous southern Haiti, as part of its ‘Beaumont – Future for Children’ project. On Tuesday, 6 December 2016, io-consultants held a workshop for eight of the association’s volunteers, to help them plan the orphanage canteen.

“I’m very impressed with the students’ projects and voluntary commitment. Our joint workshop to plan the canteen – held under different circumstances than usual – was a really interesting experience,” says Thorsten Huonker, Senior Consultant and workshop host at io-consultants.

Since the project began in April 2015, an assembly hall with annexes and a pre-school building have already been completed. In the run-up to building the canteen, the project group was faced with a number of questions. What is the best way to arrange the various canteen areas? How big should the warehouse, production and serving areas be? What needs to be considered for the intended on-site butchery? Experts from io consultants’ Catering/Healthcare business unit answered these and many more questions, and provided advice on what to do next.

“The input from io-consultants was very useful and we can now plan the next steps with much more confidence,” says Hannah Kobbelt, Head of Construction at Engineers Without Borders. “It was really helpful to go through the layout together and make a few changes. We will apply what we have learnt and revise our plans”. In January some students from the 50-strong project team will fly to Haiti again for further on-site work.

Engineers Without Borders e.V. was founded in Karlsruhe in 2004 and currently has around 360 members from various disciplines. Budding construction engineers, architects, mechanical engineers, information scientists and industrial engineers are cooperating on several different projects around the world and contributing their technical expertise and personal commitment.

io-consultants is a sustaining member of Engineers Without Borders. The company contributes its professional know-how in the fields of architecture, logistics and facilities planning to workshops such as these, as well as providing the association with financial support. In the case of the Beaumont orphanage project, io-consultants has additionally donated €1,000 to cover some of the costs.

Engineers Without Borders will be happy to accept more donations for its Haiti project:
IBAN: DE 25 66 050 101 010 808 565 5
Bank: Sparkasse Karlsruhe
Intended purpose: Haiti

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