io-consultants supports Engineers Without Borders with the scheduling for their project in Congo

Heidelberg - 8.6.2018

On Wednesday, 6 June 2018, io-consultants held a workshop for Engineers Without Borders - KIT e.V. (EWB), an academic association at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). EWB is planning to extend an existing hydroelectric power station in order to expand the local power supply in eastern Congo. By offering an affordable access to electrical power, the project team of EWB aim to strengthen the economical and social development of the region.

For the upcoming construction phase, the students sought support in the organisation, coordination, costing and scheduling of the project. Experts from io-consultants’ Architecture business unit presented methods for scheduling using the Last Planner system and a cost management methodology to help the project team to proceed with their project. The workshop participants have applied the presented methods to their project and developed proposals for solutions. The results of the workshop will now serve as a basis for cooperation with local stakeholders. This year, some students from the 25-strong project team will fly to the Democratic Republic of Congo for further on-site work.

Engineers Without Borders e.V. was founded in Karlsruhe in 2004 and currently has around 360 members from various disciplines. Budding construction engineers, architects, mechanical engineers, information scientists and industrial engineers are cooperating on several different projects around the world and contributing their technical expertise and personal commitment.

io-consultants is a sustaining member of Engineers Without Borders since 2016. The company contributes its professional know-how in the fields of architecture, logistics and facility design to workshops such as these, as well as providing the association with financial support. In the case of the “Hydroélectricité Idjwi” project, io-consultants has additionally donated €1,000 to cover some of the costs.

For more information about this specific project, please visit EWB's website.

Engineers Without Borders will be happy to accept more donations for its Congo project:
IBAN: DE 25 6605 0101 0108 0856 55
Bank: Sparkasse Karlsruhe
Intended purpose: Spende Kongo


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