News Heidelberg 21.12.2021 Christmas is a time for wishes to come true
News Heidelberg 17.12.2021 io review of 2021
R-Pharm Produktionsgebäude | © R-Pharm
News Heidelberg 11.5.2021 New plant for Corona vaccines
V.l.n.r. Frank Dreeke, Vorsitzender des Vorstands BLG LOGISTICS GROUP AG & Co. KG und Michael Lämmermann, CFO PUMA SE, beim Go-live des Intralogistikzentrums von PUMA in Geiselwind. Copyright: PUMA SE. | © PUMA SE
News Heidelberg 6.4.2021 Go-live for PUMA’s new distribution center
3D Logistikzentrum in Ensisheim | © E-Gruppe
News Heidelberg 11.3.2021 New logistics center for logistics retailer
Blick auf den Haupteingang des zukünftigen Produktionsstandorts von Erbe in Rangendingen | © io-consultants
News Heidelberg 19.2.2021 New building for Erbe – sustainably into the future
Perspektive auf die Verwaltung des neuen Zentrallagers von Weidmüller | © io-consultants
News Heidelberg 8.2.2021 Next Generation Logistics for Weidmüller
Expansion of Dingolfing location including high-bay warehouse | © BMW Group
News Heidelberg/München 2.2.2021 Successful launch of premium car manufacturer's new expanded logistics center
Logistikzentrum von S. Siedle & Söhne in Furtwangen | © Siedle
News Furtwangen 2.9.2020 Fit for the future – Holistic warehouse modernization through integration of AutoStore at Siedle
io-consultants für Festo | © io-consultants
News Heidelberg 6.2.2020 AutoStore and SAP EWM – Off-the-shelf warehouse automation?
News Heidelberg 31.1.2020 I.N. MEET & GREET: Trends and innovations in logistics and production
Gerhard Berger Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung bei io-consultants | © Gerhard Berger
News Heidelberg 23.1.2020 Gerhard Berger appointed as member of the management board at
News Heidelberg 15.1.2020 io-DigitalSolutions awarded as SAP Gold Partner
News Heidelberg 13.1.2020 io-consultants opens new office in Dortmund
© io-consultants
News Heidelberg 13.12.2019 io-group wishes everybody a festive holiday season and a healthy, happy and prosperous new year
Übergabe des symbolischen Schlussteins von io-consultants an Häfele | © Häfele
News Heidelberg 5.12.2019 Opening of Häfele’s distribution center in Lehrte: io-consultants presents symbolic capstone
Studenten des KIT bei io-consultants in Heidelberg | © io-consultants
News Heidelberg 28.11.2019 Excursion to Capri Sun's headquarters - KIT students gained insights into the distribution center in Eppelheim
Referenten bei der Podiumsdiskussion des LOGISTIK HEUTE-Forums. Copyright: Logistik Heute. | © Logistik Heute
News Heidelberg 11.11.2019 Recipes for Success in Supply Chain Management
Customer Day Logistics io-consultants in Heidelberg | © io-consultants
News Heidelberg 26.9.2019 Automation and digitalization – the core pillars of logistics
io-consultants für Festo | © io-consultants
News Heidelberg 2.9.2019 AutoStore for future-proof warehousing as part of an integrated holistic planning design
News Heidelberg 26.8.2019 io-consultants founds a further company in Philadelphia, USA
News Heidelberg 5.8.2019 io-DigitalSolutions again certified in SAP Recognized Expertise SCM
News Heidelberg 29.7.2019 Expert interview about Industry 4.0: Processes and IT intelligently interlocked
News Heidelberg 16.7.2019 Successful initial certification of io-DigitalSolutions' QM system according to ISO 9001
Team io-consultants und io-DigitalSolutions beim NCT-Lauf 2019 | © io-consultants
News Heidelberg 9.7.2019 io-consultants and io-DigitalSolutions participate in NCT charity run 2019
Management Team io-consultants | © io-consultants
News Heidelberg 1.7.2019 New Managing Director at
Grundsteinlegung Logistikzentren Engler in Ensisheim | © io-consultants
News Heidelberg 17.6.2019 Groundbreaking ceremony for logistics center in Ensisheim, France
booth at transport logistic | © io-consultants
News Heidelberg 13.6.2019 Impressions of this year's transport logistic booth
News Heidelberg 7.6.2019 io-consultants supports Engineers Without Borders: Completion of the first construction project phase in Congo
Automotive-Produktionsstätte REHAU | © REHAU
News Heidelberg 27.5.2019 io-consultants at topping-out ceremony in Ujhartyan for REHAU's new automotive production facility
News Heidelberg 23.5.2019 Production expansion in volatile times: location planning with vision
Dr. Jens Ludwig und Prof. Kai Furmans | © io-consultants
News Heidelberg 10.5.2019 Dr. Jens Ludwig becomes visiting lecturer at the Institute of Materials Handling and Logistics Systems
News Chicago 12.4.2019 io-consultants L.P. at ProMat 2019 in Chicago
Baustelle Merck | © io-consultants
News Heidelberg 28.3.2019 Merck presents innovative containment project at Pharma Congress
News Heidelberg 12.3.2019 Impressions from the LogiMAT booth of io-consultants and io-DigitalSolutions
Detailaufnahme des AutoStore 3D Modells | © io-consultants
News Heidelberg 7.3.2019 New logistics sites for Festo in China
Hochautomatisiertes Distributionszentrum von PUMA, das in Geiselwind enstehen soll. | © TGW Logistics Group
News Heidelberg 19.2.2019 Ground-breaking ceremony for PUMA's new intralogistics centre:
io-consultants on site in Geiselwind
News Heidelberg 19.12.2018 io-consultants and io-DigitalSolutions send season’s greetings and best wishes for a successful New Year
Gruppenbild Studierende KIT bei Würth
News Heidelberg 19.11.2018 KIT students visit Würth distribution centre
News Heidelberg 8.11.2018 io-consultants joins Economic Council Germany
Polizeipräsidium Ludwigshafen | © wulf architekten
News Heidelberg 22.10.2018 Cafeteria planning for new police headquarters in Ludwigshafen
News Heidelberg 10.10.2018 io-consultants and ParCon Consulting combine their strengths by founding io-DigitalSolutions: Logistics and SAP expertise from a single source
News Heidelberg 4.10.2018 How is the German economy progressing towards Logistics 4.0?
Außenansicht Mensa Berufsschulzentrum Schramberg-Sulgen
News Heidelberg 10.9.2018 Opening of new cafeteria for Vocational Education Centre in Schramberg-Sulgen
News Heidelberg 31.7.2018 io-consultants joins European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG)
News Heidelberg 24.7.2018 io-consultants supports Häfele in optimising its European logistics
Vetriebs- und Logistikzentrum WALA
News Heidelberg 18.7.2018 New distribution and logistics premises for WALA
Gruppenbild io-consultants NCT-Spendenlauf 2018
News Heidelberg 13.7.2018 io-consultants participates in NCT charity run
Das Team von io-consultants in Singapur
News Heidelberg 19.6.2018 Growing markets in Southeast Asia: io-consultants expands location in Singapore
News München 13.6.2018 io-consultants offers field trips to BMW’s dynamics centre for TUM students
io-consultants Workshop Engineers Without Borders
News Heidelberg 8.6.2018 io-consultants supports Engineers Without Borders with the scheduling for their project in Congo
Production facility Dr. Reckeweg Bensheim
News Heidelberg 29.5.2018 New production facility for Dr. Reckeweg in Bensheim/Germany
Standort Dubai
News Dubai 22.5.2018 Celebrating ten years of
io-consultants in the Middle East
Studierende des KIT bearbeiten Fallstudie zu Lagerdimensionierung bei io-consultants
News Heidelberg 20.4.2018 KIT students dimension a small parts logistics centre
News Heidelberg 9.4.2018 60 years of technical consulting services
News München 6.4.2018 TU Munich students gain insights into the work of logistics consultants
News Heidelberg 16.2.2018 New headquarters for pharmaceutical manufacturer Baiyu in China
News Heidelberg 9.1.2018 io-consultants joins the Swabian Logistics Cluster
News Heidelberg 2.1.2018 A one-stop shop for logistics and SAP expertise: ParCon becomes part of io-consultants
News Heidelberg 20.12.2017 Merry Christmas from io-consultants!
Gruppenfoto Studierende Exkursion io-consultants
News Heidelberg 28.11.2017 io-consultants offers students insights into modern logistics centres and holds a case study workshop
Logo IPH
News Heidelberg 25.10.2017 Storage, picking, transport: which technology to choose?
Logistikzentrum Trumpf - Galerie 10 | © David Franck
News Heidelberg 24.10.2017 TRUMPF inaugurates new logistics centre
Spatenstich EVER Pharma Jena
News Heidelberg 13.10.2017 Construction work begins on expansion of EVER Pharma’s site in Jena
Großküche X5 Retail Group Moskau | © X5 Retail Group
News Heidelberg 4.10.2017 New food factory under construction in Moscow
News Heidelberg 28.9.2017 Resilience in the supply chain – a how-to for companies
Logistikzentrum Franke
News Heidelberg 17.8.2017 Ground-breaking ceremony for state-of-the-art logistics centre for Franke
Simon Löwisch und Christian Schindler
News Heidelberg 3.5.2017 io-consultants opens new office in Munich
KIT Fallstudie bei io-consultants
News Heidelberg 24.4.2017 io-consultants intensifies cooperation with KIT’s Institute for Material Handling and Logistics
Lager 2 Rothenberger
News Heidelberg 28.2.2017 io-consultants implements mobile processes based on Voice and MDE technologies to optimise logistics at ROTHENBERGER
Warsteiner LKW bei Beladung | © Warsteiner
News Heidelberg 8.2.2017 Warsteiner en route to successful SAP EWM implementation with io-consultants
Geschäftsführer io-consultants: Thomas Kilimann
News Heidelberg 23.1.2017 Thomas Kilimann takes on the chair of regional industry association BME/IHK
Engineers Without Borders Projekt Haiti
News Heidelberg 16.12.2016 io-consultants supports Engineers Without Borders
Referenzbild Haribo | © HARIBO
News Heidelberg 15.12.2016 HARIBO Gold Bears logistics go into service
Einweihung BMW Wallersdorf
News Heidelberg 18.10.2016 BMW opens new warehouse for spare parts management
Kooperation Picavi io-consultants
News Heidelberg 6.10.2016 io-consultants and Picavi enter into cooperation
Projekt io-consultants: Logistikzentrum Symbiolog
News Heidelberg 30.9.2016 SECURA Group celebrates topping-out ceremony of high-automation logistics centre in Bavaria
News Heidelberg 14.7.2016 New logistics facility: io-consultants provides project management and implementation support for BMW
NCT Spendenlauf Team io-consultants
News Heidelberg 11.7.2016 io-consultants participates in NCT charity run
BMW Ersatzteile | © BMW
News Heidelberg 8.7.2016 io-consultants plans worldwide distribution centres for BMW
SAP Recognized Expertise io-consultants
News Heidelberg 31.5.2016 io-consultants granted “SAP® Recognized Expertise in Supply Chain Management”
Projekt io-consultants: ZUE Neuss | © Schmale Architekten GmbH
News Heidelberg 24.5.2016 io-consultants plans canteen kitchen technology for refugee accommodation in Neuss
Tiefkühlmahlzeiten Inflight Catering io-consultants
News Heidelberg 13.5.2016 Master’s Project in Catering/Healthcare
News Heidelberg 3.5.2016 Groundbreaking ceremony at new MAN central logistics warehouse in Salzgitter
Sebastian Molle SAP/IT Support io-consultants
News Heidelberg 3.5.2016 io-consultants gives customised SAP IT support
© Maximilian Knöll,
News Heppenheim 1.4.2016 JÄGER DIREKT opens new electronics plant in Heppenheim – production already running
Projekt io-consultants: Würth Elektronik Leiterplattenwerk
News Niedernhall 30.3.2016 PCB factory reconstructed in record time
Projekt io-consultants: Logistikzentrum Gebrüder Heinemann
News Hamburg 29.3.2016 Logistics above the clouds
Logo Topsystem Partner io-consultants
News Heidelberg 8.3.2016 Cooperation in warehouse logistics: io-consultants and topsystem join forces
Referenzbild Britax Roemer Dietz AG Leipheim | © DIEZ AG
News Heidelberg 23.2.2016 io-consultants implements new production and logistics site for Britax Römer
Projekt io-consultants: Wala Vertriebs- und Logistikzentrum
News Heidelberg 19.2.2016 io-consultants and WALA celebrate ground-breaking ceremony of new sales and logistics centre
Henry Schein Logistikzentrum
News Heppenheim 2.2.2016 Henry Schein opens new logistics centre in Heppenheim
Logo B.Braun
News Berlin 27.1.2016 io-consultants refurbishes high-bay warehouse for B. Braun in Berlin
ABB Projekt io-consultants
News Heidelberg 10.12.2015 io-consultants steers European introduction of energy monitoring system at ABB
Exkursion KIT LSG Sky Chefs
News Frankfurt 24.11.2015 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology students and io-consultants visit LSG Sky Chefs
Etihad Airbus Flugzeug | © AIRBUS S.A.S. 2014 - Bild master films P. MASCLET
News Abu Dhabi 19.11.2015 io-consultants is designing Etihad's new catering facility in Abu Dhabi
Logistikzentrum TRUMPF Ditzingen | © TRUMPF
News Ditzingen 17.11.2015 io-consultants plans new logistics centre for TRUMPF
Projekt io-consultants: Schustermann und Borenstein
News Poing 4.11.2015 BestSecret presents new central warehouse in Poing
News Heidelberg 21.10.2015 More drive in Dingolfing: io-consultants plans global spare parts logistics centre for BMW
LTS Pharma Logistik
News Andernach 11.9.2015 Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG celebrates opening of new logistics centre
Küchensanierung Inselhalle Lindau
News Lindau 4.9.2015 io-consultants begins modernisation of Inselhalle Lindau's kitchen
Dr. Franz Köhler Chemie Produktion
News Bensheim 31.7.2015 Successful investment project: Dr. Franz Köhler Chemie inaugurates new manufacturing facility
Projekt io-consultants: Rose Plastic
News Hergensweiler 27.7.2015 io-consultants supports rose plastic with SAP implementation
Richard Wolf Logistikzentrum
News Knittlingen 8.5.2015 Richard Wolf opens new logistics and service centre
Projekt io-consultants: Belimo
News Danbury, Connecticut, USA 14.4.2015 High service level at the new production plant of BELIMO

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