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After we have submitted the applications for planning permission, we begin the preparations for the work operations at the construction site. Our interdisciplinary team starts developing the draft for the actual construction project. At the same time, the contract award strategy is aligned with the demands posed by the project and we make sure that all necessary contracts for the individual trades are awarded on time and in accordance with the implementation schedule.


As we prepare for implementation, we combine our execution and construction expertise to develop the optimal framework for a successful contract award process. Our aim is to set up the best contractual conditions for the realisation of your construction project.

Our services from execution planning through to contract awarding

Depending on the project model, we offer you the full range of services, right up to contract awarding for the individual trades – from drafting lease specifications for built-to-suit leases, functional service descriptions with key details for newbuilds and conversions, drawing up the required bills of quantities to a full execution planning.  Subject to the agreed contract award strategy, we develop service models customised to your specific needs, all in alignment with the required service phases 5 to 7 of the German Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers (“HOAI”):

  • Successive execution planning, including integration of all planning services provided by the professional planners involved, to obtain a ready-for-use solution
  • Drawings of the final project including all the necessary individual text and graphical particulars; generation of complete shop drawings
  • Checking the assembly plans of the involved trades for compliance with the execution plans
  • Creation of a contract award time schedule
  • Determining and compiling the quantities based on the execution plans
  • Creation of service descriptions with service specifications/bills of quantities, compilation of tender documents for all service areas
  • Cost calculations and estimates
  • Request for tenders, inspection and evaluation of offers, compilation of a price comparison list, negotiations with bidders
  • Creation and documentation of contract award procedures
  • Compilation of the contract documents, assistance with contract awarding

Special services can be arranged if and as required.

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