Defining the project starting point and finding the right site

Industrial construction projects require precise investigation and planning right from the start – whether as a greenfield project, within an existing structure, or in a leasing environment. Prior to making concrete investment plans, it is commendable to investigate what would be more advantageous: optimising the processes already in place, expanding the existing facilities, or moving to a completely new site?


Together with the client, we define the starting point of the project and determine the necessary and feasible scope. Our focus during this phase is on real estate consultation and assessment to ensure the viability of the project.

Feasibility studies at an early stage can reveal that, contrary to the initial plan of building a new facility, it may be more efficient to add an annex or otherwise convert or extend an existing warehouse or production facility, or consider a leasing option. Our experts’ feasibility studies will set the course for your construction project before the actual planning phase begins.

Feasibility studies define the strategic direction

Our foresighted measures pave the way for your landmark decisions. They are essential for estimating the involved costs and effort, and significantly affect scheduling and project quality. Before we begin with the master planning or decide on a particular measure, we identify the strategic course of the next years together with our clients.

io-consultants understands the complexity of industrial facilities

We believe it is essential to consider and understand your facilities in their entirety – above and beyond your company’s financial key figures and any regional economic factors. With our advanced understanding and extensive know-how of processes, production and logistics, we are experts in evaluating what is feasible at an existing site and what is not.

Our feasibility studies services:

  • Value stream mapping and material flow analyses and optimisation
  • Value stream design and defining fields of action
  • Continuous improvement process
  • Site concept
  • Process analysis and material flow planning
  • Integration of new processes and production areas
  • Introduction and integration of new supply and disposal processes
  • Integration into the production system
  • Consideration of leasing options and outsourcing

A decision in favour of a newbuild on a greenfield site poses additional questions: Where is the optimal location? Will the greenfield solution suitably serve the logistical needs of the project? We will support you with the evaluation of different sites, real estate and land, under consideration of the following:

  • Location finding: analysis of location factors such as infrastructure, job market, prestige/visibility, ecology, proximity to key markets, climate, and potential funding support for the building project
  • Real estate evaluation
  • Property search consulting and analysis of national and regional developments, area use and zoning plans, possible use of existing building mass, public law regulations, climatic, geological and ecological factors, sustainability and energy efficiency criteria, utilities supplies, and the best views to and from the site.
  • Finally: can the facility or the warehouse be realised on the given plot of land? Which layout makes the best use of the space and the site conditions to achieve optimal process efficiency?


io-consultants provides the above services for and with you to generate holistic concepts for finding and selecting the best site, for site analyses and development, and for effectively planning your investment.

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