Defining the target and how to reach it

Optimisation of material and personnel flows in production and logistics

The next step after completion of the feasibility studies, is the development of a master plan for your project, either for the extension of an existing facility or the construction of a newbuild.


In the master planning phase, we evaluate the available options and select the best for your purpose. We help you draw up a feasible business case and assist you in shaping your vision for the project and dividing it into different implementation phases.

In general, our clients do not set out to build a new factory or logistics facility. What they usually require are optimal processes as a means to improve their market position by streamlining external and internal material and personnel flows and removing logistical bottlenecks. In newbuild, extension and conversion projects alike, maximum flexibility and expandability are vital for the ability to react quickly to market changes and developments. Therefore, our planning doesn’t end with a final and fixed status on “day x”.

We turn our sights to the future to help you develop forward-looking decisions, and to prevent any future stumbling blocks. Just because a plot of land is available at the same time as new logistics facilities are needed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a newbuild on this site is the best and most effective solution.

io-consultants combines all aspects of the master plan – processes, logistics, buildings and IT

We apply in-house expertise to the master planning of your project. This way, you benefit from only one interface that understands all the core aspects of the master plan – processes, logistics, buildings and IT. Right from the beginning, we consider and adapt any site-specific factors and process-related requirements in order to guarantee an agile process that is only subject to marginal correction loops.

io-consultants’ procedure for master planning

If an analysis of your current site was not already part of the feasibility study, we will assist you in preparing one with a joint tour of your plant to determine the functions, processes, infrastructure, and personnel and material flows. We will perform a plant structure analysis to evaluate, in particular, your production and warehouse capacities, and to determine potential future bottlenecks. This includes considering all relevant client information and assumptions relating to limitations and challenges of the site, the process and logistics data, and growth prognoses.

If you decide on a new property, we will inspect it thoroughly and carry out a site analysis that considers urban development, public law and design aspects, as well as functional, economic, ecological, energy and social factors.

Our master plan also includes working out the building volumes and generating a rough transport concept based on the planned utilisation and the results of the site analysis. The functional areas will be portrayed in a block layout and developed within the building.  We will address the following questions: Which areas can be altered immediately? What can be implemented on a medium-term basis? Which areas must not be altered under any circumstances?

We will draw up site sketches to show you a selection of the available options for either an extension or a newbuild of your production and/or logistics. Architectural solutions will be presented as 3D perspective drawings.

In the following slideshow you see a selection of graphic views and solutions from the same project:


  • Bestandsanalyse Masterplan
  • Werkstrukturanalyse
  • Site Masterplan
  • Vogelperspektive Vollausbau

We create a solid foundation for your decisions and help you realise your visions

  • Each optimised master plan variant will be discussed in detail with the client.
  • Value benefit analyses and one-by-one comparisons will be used to illustrate the evaluation criteria that form the decision basis for selecting the preferred variant.
  • We will devise a realistic cost plan and time schedule.
  • Your benefit is that, in a comparatively short time, we can jointly develop a basis for the management’s vision regarding the future of your company.
  • In the master planning phase, we will develop successive scenarios for later implementation. The decisions ensuing from the master plan can also lead directly to the first construction phase.

Depending on the tasks and individual project approach, we offer to kick-start the process either with compact two-day workshops – in which we creatively and successively work out different scenarios with you, familiarising you with the project within a relatively short space of time – or with several workshops across a timeline of, for example, six weeks.

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