Future-capable optimization of your production processes

Value-stream-oriented factory and layout planning is a tried and tested path for design of a new site or redesign of an existing factory. Explicit analysis of processes and optimization of existing production processes makes the concept future-proof and insures ensures your company's competitiveness.

We go through the following service steps with you:

  • Determination of planning assumptions
  • Formation of product segments
  • Value-stream mapping
  • Value-stream design
  • Ideal layout planning
  • Real layout planning
  • Evaluation and recommendation

Methods of value-stream-oriented factory and layout planning

io-consultants use the following tools and methods for value-stream-oriented factory and layout planning.

  • Assumption workshop
  • Data analysis with data mining/process mining
  • Value-stream mapping and design
  • Activity relationship analysis
  • Material flow analysis
  • Area analysis
  • Layout workshop
  • Use analysis
  • 2D- and 3D-visualization


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Use and added value of the value-stream method

  • When process chains are unclear in the factory or over the supply chain
  • If high inventories are in the system
  • If frequent delays of delivery to the customer
  • Low share of flow production
  • Many small, specific improvement projects have already been performed, but did not lead to the desired effect
  • No standardization of processes and undefined warehouses
  • For new plans or expansions, in particular in the early planning stages

Generally yes, but we recommend a new analysis for a deeper process comprehension and external view of optimization potential.

No. We use the value-stream method with convincing results across industries.

Production systems with long cycle times and a high variety are a challenge to value-stream mapping since there’s very little ‘action’ to see. In such systems it is recommended to combine classical value-stream mapping in order to further enrich the data and analyze the system more deeply with the Process Mining data mining approach. Based on feedback data or event logs, relevant system values such as throughput, waiting or processing times can be determined precisely in order to identity deviations from the target process. This combination of the classical value-stream method with process mining permits an empirical and statistical analysis of the processes and therefore a systematic view of the entire production system.

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