Integrated plant structure planning as a basis for long-term investments

With experience in production, logistics, architecture and IT, io-consultants combines all competencies for integrated plant structure planning. No matter if what you need is brownfield expansion, greenfield planning or optimization, we will help you set up the best business case and create a basis to make your decisions on long-term investments.

We want to generate the best site development plans with a vision of the future together with you, to ensure maximum flexibility and expansion options.

For this, we coordinate strategic alignment and goals together with you in the scope of a master plan. By definition of assumption and requirements from the areas of market, technology, product and site, we create the basis for pending plans.

Plant structure and master planning of planning and investment security

The focus of a manufacturing facility is always on the value-added processes. That’s why we develop a sustainable and future-proof overall concept in the value-stream-based approach together with you. This will look not only at production and logistics, but at all area and space-determining function areas that are needed to operate the facility. Parallel to the value-stream planning our architects generate multiple Site-Reactions drawings, demonstrating different set-ups of the site on a high level, based on traffic routes, the shape and geological attributes of the plot of land and your existing facilities (in brown-field planning). In an ‘Integrated-Planning’ workshop, the architectural perspective and the process-view are combined into multiple master-plan concepts. Our White Paper "Factory Expansion at Existing Site" shows a project example in the brownfield environment.

In order to ensure high planning and investment safety, we create a cost framework (according to DIN 276) to supplement the quality evaluation in the plant structure plans. For the sake of an integrated, consistent and transparent overall budget, it is important to us that we combine all planning services in a central location and that the individual items are coordinated with each other. This permits a well-founded basis for decision of further planning phases during the concept planning stage already.

io-consultants makes use of many years of experience in planning and implementation of complex industry projects.

Methods and services in the area of plant structure planning

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Factors of successful factory structure planning

Analysis of the building and land plot together with our architects is an essential part of our master plan. We collect requirements and framework conditions that must be considered for the plans. The analyses are supplemented by inspection of the building plan (if present) and potential request from authorities (e.g. regarding the protection of existing buildings). In this way, we create the basis for well-founded factory structure plans.

Ensuring continuous operation without any great limitations is always a central element for successful planning for expansion or optimization of existing facilities. Depending on growth, the areas with the greatest need for action and the planned measures, we develop a graduated implementation concept together. Interim measures can be reduced and effects on the operative business can be held to a minimum. On the other hand, the planned total investment costs can be split into sensible packages across the staged process.

When a factory reaches its capacity, a wish for expansion will quickly come up. However, optimization of existing areas should take priority. If they continue to be insufficient, we will view and analyze various options together with you, such as:

  • Expansion on existing areas
  • Expansion on an adjacent property
  • Division of the factory among two or several properties
  • Complete relocation of the factory to a new property

Different requirements must be considered according to the value-added chain and function area.

Exemplary factory structure planning for a complex property case can be found in our White Paper "Factory Expansion at Existing Site“.

The focus of plans is always on functional optimization and thereby minimisation of the operative costs. Therefore, value-stream-oriented factory planning holds a central role in the scope of factory structure planning. Thus, the optimum solution is planned from the process point of view first, and a suitable factory structure is developed for this. In spite of it all, constructional expansions and new buildings should achieve a representative appearance. Together with our architects, we follow the philosophy of "form and function in concert". The integrated approach includes all planning sections early on, and permits the creation of design effects that radiate site representation while staying cost-efficient, e.g. through smart building placement or façade elements.

Plans for expansion often look several years into the future. Who can say reliably how business is going to develop in light of potential insecurities? Flexibility and expansion capacity can be our most important criteria for good site planning. We want to develop concepts that are adjustable if requirements change and that ensure the option of gradual implementation depending on growth.

Height differences or inclines can, for example, be used for tail loading, gravity-powered roller tracks or when using tanks without needing a pump. These are just some examples, however. We will review in every specific case whether the local situation can be used for your process. Our focus on the value-added processes and our methodical procedure pays off in this as well.

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