Future-proof solutions for an optimal production supply

The requirements on production logistics to provision work centers and ensure a smooth process are constantly growing. Increasing product variety, up to a lot size of 1, and a demand-synchronous production require supply of materials at the precise time and in the correct quantity.

io-consultants supports you in planning and implementation of a stream-lined material flow – from the raw material storage, through the manufacturing and assembly production processes, to the finished goods warehouse.

We are a competent partner for our customers in optimization of their complex material flows in all areas of production. The design of internal material transport always puts the unique process requirements of our customers in focus. We strive to implement reliable and timely availability of materials while keeping inventories as low as possible.

We develop customized solutions for optimal production supply based on your individual goals and requirements, following a basic analysis of your current situation. The goal is to develop an integrated, future-proof concept that is specifically coordinated to the customer's needs in each case.

Our services in the area of production logistics include, among other things:

  • Material flow analysis with Process mining (data-mining-supported algorithms)
  • Distribution and supply concepts (e.g. JIT, JIS)
  • Design and evaluation of internal material flow and transport processes (e.g. tugger train, FTS/AGV, manual and automated material handling)
  • Buffer/storage systems and picking strategies
  • Automation concepts
  • Stock management and optimisation
  • Assembly supply concepts (e.g. set/shopping cart creation)
  • Control concepts (e.g. order-related, Kanban)
  • Industry 4.0 applications


Methods in the area of production logistics

Our tool box includes a collection of methodologies to address your unique challenge efficiently and effectively:

  • Dedicated tool development for sizing, warehouse management, buffer systems (e.g. Kanban/supermarket design) and for designing material transports (e.g. AGV, tugger train)
  • Material flow analysis
  • Value flow analysis and design
  • Visualisation tools (Sankey chart, Spaghetti chart, 3D models)
  • Process Mining
  • Simulation
  • Lean Warehousing




We offer reliable, productive and efficient solutions that lead to measurable success. Learn more about our successful projects with renowned clients around the world:

Brita, Britax, Endress+Hauser, Festool, Hella, Miele, REHAU, Röchling

Challenges and solutions in production logistics

The relevance of "just-in-time" and in particular "just-in-sequence" delivery of the materials with various strategies up to the delivery of pre-picked kitting carts, are becoming common practice. Process reliability concerning the delivery time, place, quantity, quality and sequence poses a special challenge in this context. Our advice: one perfect strategy that suits all parts and meets all internal customer requirements is unrealistic. A combination of provisioning strategies for different part categories will be easier to implement and maintain.

In order to solve this target conflict, we need to examine the overall system. A decision must be made on where buffers are needed (e.g. for variant separation or shift model compensation) and which control logic they follow. Due to this, value-stream mapping and value-stream design are central parts of our planning services. The technical implementation through storage and transport systems and PPS/MES systems with the respective necessary degree of automation is assessed based on these factors.

Generally, simple logistics processes ensure that production is supplied consistently and reliably. However, the optimum  system depends on many individual elements (e.g. parts range, sources/sinks, transport routes, etc.) and must be assessed from case to case. An exemplary analysis with system selection for a complex assembly area can be found in our White Paper "Assembly Supply".

Depending on the complexity of the concept, we recommend simulation of the material flows. This way, the high dynamics and the interdependencies can be mapped and analysed. For evaluation, practice-relevant scenarios can be commonly defined.

We perform a proof of concept with suppliers, to improve cost security and to ensure implementation with available systems.

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