Streamlined processes from Lean Management

Future-capable factories are characterized by lean value-added processes that create an optimal balance between quality, adherence to delivery dates and costs, and focus on the interests of the customer. At the same time, streamlined, optimized processes are a mandatory prerequisite for many Industry 4.0 solutions.

io-consultants, as an industry-independent planning and consulting company therefore consistently relies on methods from Lean Management in the design of future-capable factories. They help minimize waste and implement the requirements of customers to the production process and product.

Integrated production optimization

Together with you, we identify and analyze problem fields and identify improvement opportunities in processes in order to achieve sustainable improvements. In order to meet your current challenges and questions in the best manner – no matter if it is with greenfield planning, expansion or optimization of the existing production site – we will customize our procedure to your needs. We consistently rely on an integrated view of processes, organization and employees. We develop a customized roadmap with you and accompany you in implementation of the potentials determined.

We will gladly advise you on challenges concerning product optimization, no matter if you are planning a small optimization project or a comprehensive realignment under Lean principles.

If necessary, we will cooperate with you in developing an individual, integrated production system that includes, e.g., introduction of shop floor management to create the structures needed for continuous improvement and to turn your company into a future-proof and adaptable organization.

With our many years of experience and competence, we help you:

  • review corporate processes in an integrated manner and optimize them
  • identify and measure potential for improvement
  • implementing improvement measures sustainably and achieve continuous improvement
  • involve employees actively in the improvement process
  • learn from best practices

Methods of production optimization

Value-stream mapping and value-stream design are central tools in the area of production optimization. Their databased, structured and transparent method helps make waste visible and determine its causes. They lay the foundations for Lean and transparent processes without waste, while always focusing on the four basic principles of Lean production: Pull, Cycle, Flow and Perfection.

Other methods include:

  • Kanban-design
  • SMED (set-up time optimisation)
  • Poka Yoke (error avoidance)
  • CIP (Continuous Improvement Process)
  • Shopfloor Management
  • 5S (methodical improvement of work systems)
  • Material flow analysis, e.g. with spaghetti/Sankey chart
  • 5W (methodical cause analysis)
  • OEE-analysis
  • Maintenance optimization (TPM)
  • Assessment of the production system
  • Six Sigma


We offer reliable, productive and efficient solutions that lead to measurable success. Learn more about our successful projects with renowned clients around the world:

Ariane, Reflexa, Röchling, Wolf

Added value and implementation of Lean Management

  • Waste is transparently and systematically reduced.
  • The core idea of Lean management is consistent alignment of the corporate processes with the customers' needs. This creates a basis for mutual trust and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Reduction of throughput times, inventories and areas.
  • Increase of productivity, reduction of costs and concurrent increase of quality.

io-consultants performs an individual potential analysis with every customer and uses this as a basis to develop a customized toolbox that helps customers independently achieve sustainable improvements after completing a project and anchoring the Lean philosophy in the company.

  • High inventories, in particular between the processes
  • Chaotic material flows and processes
  • Frequent delays of delivery to the customer
  • Many small, specific improvement projects did not lead to the desired effect yet
  • No standardization of the processes and undefined stock storage
  • In particular in earlier planning phases for new plans or expansion

The employees are mostly qualified to further develop the measures implemented under their own control and to continually improve their processes. At the same time, your employees are an important source of information and experience for discussing potentials for optimization.

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