Design of your production and logistics network with io-consultants

As globalization continues, the framework conditions of each market are changing. In order to stay competitive, the vertical integration of each site and global footprint of your production network requires regular re-evaluation.

No matter if you are considering relocating production to a country with better framework conditions for your business, increase automation at your present site or focus on your core competences, io-consultants will support you in designing a matching production and logistics network.

Our performance portfolio: Strategic network planning and site concepts

io-consultants is your strategic partner for introduction of new products and relocation of products within your network.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of the market, product and technology requirements in the next few years
  • Value-stream design for the products to be relocated or introduced
  • Site-evaluation: analysis of the competencies and present production capacities in potential sites and local infrastructure, supplier structure and labor market
  • Unit cost calculation in different site scenarios
  • Matching products with a target site
  • Plan for investments and area development at the target site

We will guide you from rough selection of the potential countries to evaluation of specific properties and existing buildings when you plan a new site.

We derive a customized requirement profile for your company from the strategic goals and the special framework conditions of your production. Based on this, potential target countries and regions will be compared by quantitative and qualitative factors including availability of qualified workers, transport costs, times to delivery, personnel costs, type of transport or infrastructure.

The next step is filing requests for properties or existing buildings in the target region, evaluating the offers and shortlisting the best. We closely cooperate with local partners and the respective foreign Chambers of Commerce in this.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of the market, product and technology requirements in the upcoming years
  • Center of Gravity analysis based on the market and supplier structures
  • Comparison of the soft factors and unit cost differences
  • Evaluation of existing buildings and properties

The proper vertical integration is essential in order to keep complexity of your production manageable and to act cost-effectively on the market. We support you in defining the right sourcing strategy (Make-or-Buy analysis) under consideration of production costs, core competences and technology maturity.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of the market, product and technology requirements for the next few years
  • Determination of the maturity of your processes
  • Analysis of the competence level
  • Make-or-Buy decision

Acquisition and integration of a company causes a sudden growth of your product range and production capacities. This poses great demands to your organization and production network. io-consultants is your partner for seamless integration of the new site.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each site in the production network
  • Identification of optimization potential
  • Harmonization of the production systems
  • Transfer of best practices and standards

Methods for strategic network planning and site concepts

Many years of experience have given io-consultants method competencies in the added-value distribution in the network, as well as selection and optimization of individual sites.

The following methods are used depending on task:

  • Center of Gravity analysis
  • Simulation of the production network
  • Maturity models
  • Unit cost calculation
  • Analysis of soft factors
  • Site-comprehensive value-stream design
  • Make-or-Buy decision


We offer reliable, productive and efficient solutions that lead to measurable success. Learn more about our successful projects with renowned clients around the world:

Daimler CC, Elektror, Häfele

Interaction of value-stream mapping and network concept

The answer to this question greatly depends on process maturity, the required delivery capacity of your production and the existing structures in your production. We recommend value-stream mapping in parallel to the Make-or-Buy analysis. This way, the consequences of outsourcing on the utilization of your production resources, warehouse inventories and times to delivery can be assessed.

The value-stream method identifies actual needs for production capacity and inventory, instead of simply extrapolating the current capacity and inventories linear to sales growth. The overall value stream is viewed and the system is optimized before the demand is determined.

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