Unbiased planning and cost-effective implementation of supply and disposal processes for the health sector

High patient satisfaction, efficient workflow management and cost-effective operation are top priorities in healthcare-related projects. This is precisely where you can benefit from io-consultants’ wealth of experience and comprehensive industry know-how.

io-consultants applies its many years of industry experience in the healthcare sector to support hospitals in all supply process and disposal issues.

In hospital support facilities projects, we primarily focus on the individual requirements and possibilities. This is where valuable opportunities can be found for increasing efficiency and, consequently, securing competitiveness.

Whether you are looking at changing your food supply systems, outsourcing the laundry, or finding a new supply structure for commodities – we identify corporate specific solutions for demand driven structures and smooth workflows. 

Mastering the requirements from different areas of hospital support facilities

A key characteristic of our comprehensive consulting and planning services is our detailed knowledge of all main and auxiliary processes, priorities and challenges of hospital logistics in the following areas:

  • Pharmacy and drug supplies
  • Canteen and food supplies
  • Warehouse and material supplies (MHD)
  • Central sterilisation and sterile supplies (CSSD)
  • Utility areas and waste disposal
  • Laundries and laundry supply processes
  • Logistics and goods transport

From the hospital kitchen to the inhouse pharmacy, from sterilisation to meal distribution, from the laundry to automatic inhouse goods transport – io-consultants helps tap the diverse value chain potential:

  • Increased patient safety through the introduction of a universal electronic documentation system for patient drug supplies
  • Conversion of the meal production concept with selection and adaptation of the related meal distribution system to the patient
  • Streamlining the variety of articles, modular supply options, and make-or-buy decisions on goods supplies
  • Make-or-buy decisions for sterile supplies
  • Reorganisation of processes for legally compliant and cost-effective waste disposal
  • Economic feasibility studies for laundry supply processes and support in the subsequent stages 
  • Introduction of automated order and delivery processes for in-house goods transport
  • Reduction of operating costs through automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) and electric monorail systems (EMS).

Intelligent hospital controlling

Consultancy services for demand-oriented investments and efficient operating processes

io-consultants creates reliable cost transparency with the use of selected controlling tools and well founded industry know how. Sound figures are the basis for revealing and changing the existing structure of rental fees and staff, materials, consumption and maintenance costs in order to secure sustainable cost benefits. Detailed analyses, independent evaluations and cost effective change implementation thus significantly contribute to economic success in the healthcare sector.

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