Meeting the toughest demands in food production and food processing

Meeting the toughest demands in food production and food processing

In dining halls and cafeterias, staff canteens, commercial kitchens or catering facilities alike, anyone who produces food items faces several challenges. Product safety and maximum hygiene levels must be ensured, the production environment has to be GMP compliant. At the same time, operations must be cost-effective. Mastering these challenges requires absolutely safe and efficient production processes and perfectly synchronized supply chains.

The planning experts at io-consultants always apply their comprehensive process engineering skills and long-term industry experience in their projects – and always think one step ahead. In this way, you can depend on goal-driven planning and results-oriented investments at all times.

io-consultants always focusses on your specific requirements when planning and designing catering facilities of all sizes and purposes:

  • Canteens and company catering
  • University and school dining halls and cafeterias
  • Stadium and conference centre catering facilities

Our clients also benefit from our expertise in commercial kitchen technology. We plan perfectly synchronized supply and disposal processes in commercial kitchens and help you select the best technical equipment for your individual needs.

Communal catering planning: individual solutions down to the last detail

Our all-in-one solutions are founded on individual concepts that combine strategic organization and the necessary technical infrastructure. Our integrated range of services for communal catering includes:

  • Production system planning:
    Besides the selection of production methods such as fresh preparation, convenience oriented production, cook & chill, cook & freeze, sous vide, and cook & serve, we also offer our expertise in decentralzsed regeneration, front cooking, and frozen food distribution facilities.
  • Serving counter planning:
    We help you plan the perfect serving counter system, and discuss with you the pros and cons of free flow systems, line serving, market places, food counters, food courts, and stadium courts.
  • Logistics planning:
    Supply and disposal systems, operating processes, and delivery and storage are core elements of efficient facilities.
  • Technical equipment planning:
    We plan and manage all project phases for production, regeneration, the serving and dishwashing areas, cold storage, ventilation, wet waste disposal and other storage systems.


We offer reliable, productive and efficient solutions that lead to measurable success. Learn more about our successful projects with renowned clients around the world:

  • Johannes Wesling Klinikum Minden

    Task: Planning of industrial kitchen for new hospital Services: Food/Catering planning Location: Minden, Germany
  • Mensa Hochschule Bremen

    Task: Modernisation and catering concept Services: Food/Catering planning Location: Bremen, Germany
  • Uniklinikum Frankfurt

    Task: Planning of kitchen equipment and central warehouse incl. logistics Services: Food/Catering planning Location: Frankfurt a.M., Germany

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