Sustainable increase in performance through innovation and digitalization

When it comes to Operational Excellence in the area of innovation and digitalization, there are basically two perspectives to consider. On the one hand, improving production, logistics and the supply chain with the help of digitalization is a clear priority. Many challenges in these areas, such as the management of high variant complexity or exact transparency of inventories, can often only be remedied with innovative IT solutions.

On the other hand, the optimization of IT systems, control technology and digital process flows can lead to large operational improvements.
io-consultants takes both perspectives into account.

Our particular strength in this area is based on our integrated project approach, not only in optimization projects, but also in planning and consulting.

As a result, our process experts also have corresponding IT know-how and our software experts provide a high level of process understanding.


The challenges in the area of digitalization and innovation are multifaceted. From a process perspective, a lack of synchronization between production, warehousing and transport can be detrimental. For example, processes and systems which do not fit together or are insufficiently interconnected can lead to high error rates, not only in physical processes, but also in administrative processes.

In addition, the manual collection and evaluation of key metrics in the operational business also pose a challenge. Frequently, existing information and data are not used for process improvements. Lack of retrievable data from process flows systems can be caused by outdated IT and SAP systems as well as outdated control technology.

Last but not least, high costs are caused by the low automation of physical and administrative processes.

Your added value

If Operational Excellence in the area of innovation and digitalization is implemented consistently, the productivity and quality of processes can be increased enormously. We work with you to harmonize material flows and processes within individual factories and logistics centers, as well as throughout the entire supply chain.

Furthermore, transparency is increased across various areas, thus creating the opportunity for continuous optimization throughout the organization. In addition to improving various target figures, our Operational Excellence projects in the area of innovation and digitalization provide concrete roadmaps and modernization concepts for your company.

io-consultants accompanies you in identifying and successfully implementing the right approaches from the areas of Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence.

Our solutions in the field of innovation and digitalization

io-consultants approaches the challenges holistically and brings in the central perspectives on this topic area. Some examples of our approaches for developing solutions include:

  • End-to-end process digitalization
  • Automatic key data collection and evaluation in real time as well as their integration and virtualization through the io-Operations-Management-Tool
  • Development of AI-based forecasting models
  • Modernization concept for IT and SAP systems
  • Customized Industry 4.0 and innovation roadmaps

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