Excellent intralogistics as the basis for corporate success

Intralogistics forms the basis of excellent operations not only in distribution centers but also in factories. It often plays a decisive role in meeting delivery deadlines, managing inventories and ensuring timely production supply. Accordingly, it represents a central component of optimization across all industries. At the same time, cost pressure is usually particularly high in this area, which is why precise knowledge of processes, technology and the market forms the basis for successful Operational Excellence projects.

Through corresponding optimization projects, but especially through countless projects in the field of logistics planning, io-consultants provides the necessary know-how.


The key challenges in intralogistics include external factors such as fluctuating customer demand and temporary peaks. These are usually covered by high inventories, which in turn cause massive costs.

If the storage and transport systems used are unsuitable or outdated, maintenance and repair costs increase. In addition, capacity bottlenecks and difficulties in resource planning can occur. The timely supply of production and picking areas is also a typical problem.

Your added value

Structured and systematic optimization of intralogistics processes enables fluctuations in order volume to be balanced out and inventories to be reduced. In addition, reliable and robust supply of various functional areas is ensured, thereby increasing the overall performance of the factory or logistics center.

We support you in making your personnel deployment more efficient and increase the transparency of processes and resources. Last but not least, customer satisfaction is sustainably improved through shorter delivery times and higher delivery quality.

Our solutions for intralogistics optimization

For the manifold challenges in intralogistics io-consultants offers e.g. the following solution approaches:

  • Inventory optimization and increase of throughput
  • Introduction of demand-driven supply with up-to-date means of transport
  • Modernization of manual and automatic warehouse systems
  • Performance evaluation of logistics service providers
  • Introduction of a logistics dashboard
  • AI-based forecasting models for system load and personnel deployment

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