Future-proof design of the supply and value chain

Optimizing the supply and value chain goes beyond improving individual factories and logistics centers which can involve special challenges, especially when optimization takes place across inter-company boundaries.

The knowledge we have gained from numerous projects enables us to evaluate and design both cross-site and internal processes and structures.

In doing so, io-consultants is able to bring customer and supplier perspectives into your project and provide cross-industry benchmarks.


We cluster the challenges at the supply and value chain level according to their time horizons.

Long-term and strategic problems include a lack of customer proximity and evolved network structures without clear competencies. These are often accompanied by an unnecessarily high complexity of the supply chain and excessive interdependencies.

Import/Export duties, tariffs, taxes, and other factors stemming from operations in an international marketplace can sometimes require adjustments to the networks. In developing and emerging countries, optimizations in this respect can be frequently necessary even in the short to medium term. The medium-term challenges also include the vertical integration or the different capacity utilization of the various sites.

In the short term, operational supply and value chain management also poses numerous problems, such as disrupted supply chains and delivery delays, low utilization of transport capacity or fluctuating customer requirements.

Your added value

The results of an Operational Excellence initiative to optimize your supply and value chain are robust, responsive supply chains with cost and transport optimized network structures.

Through methodical problem solving, we help level out fluctuations in capacity utilization across the entire network. This is achieved through coordinated flows of goods and information. In addition, the utilization of transport capacity and the delivery quality are significantly increased leading to minimized delivery times.

Through integration of the available technologies, you can even provide your customers new services such as electronic delivery bills and status tracking.

Our solutions to optimize your supply and value chain

io-consultants offers both strategic and operational solutions, such as

  • Supply and value chain optimization through strategic planning of production and logistics networks
  • Development of strategies for procurement concepts and elaboration of well-founded make-or-buy decision bases
  • Supplier management: analysis and selection of suppliers, material and information flow integration, supplier development
  • Digitalization of transport management and cross-plant synchronization of production, warehouse and transport, especially in the SAP environment

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