Lean production structures with a focus on value-adding processes

Operational Excellence in production means consistently aligning workflows and structures with value-adding processes.

io-consultants follows a holistic approach that combines methods from Lean Management and Six Sigma with innovative data mining methods.

Our team of experts analyzes and optimizes your production as a complete system. In this way, not only the core processes, but also relevant logistical and IT processes as well as the employees are holistically taken into account. Involving the workforce from the very beginning and getting them excited about continuous improvement (CIP) and Operational Excellence has been proven to be a key factor for success in numerous projects.


Companies face many different challenges in production. Together with you, we identify and analyze possible issues to identify the extent at which they impact the success of your company.

These can be related to constantly changing market demands, such as increasing variant complexity and decreasing batch sizes, or internal issues with products, process quality, excessive lead times, high inventory levels and process bottlenecks.

Bottleneck resources, in particular, often have low overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and drive-up production costs through fluctuating utilization, downtime and rework.

Your added value

Our production optimization projects not only improve individual key metrics, but also increase the overall performance of your factory. Creating transparency for production employees and management is a key ingredient for success.

We support you in reducing waste and achieving maximum product and process quality. Efficient order processing reduces lead times and enables the design of a cost-optimized manufacturing process.

Last but not least, your employees' ability for continuous improvement and structured problem solving is sustainably increased.

Our solutions for production optimization

To meet the specific challenges, io-consultants relies on proven solution approaches, such as:

  • Comprehensive value-stream mapping and system improvement through value- stream design
  • Introduction and improvement of shop floor management
  • Improvement of product and process quality through Six Sigma methods
  • Data and process mining based optimization of production
  • Increasing plant efficiency through setup time optimization and Total Productive Maintenance

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