Holistic optimization of production, logistics and IT

At io-consultants, we understand Operational Excellence as the holistic optimization of production, logistics and IT. This includes everything from the redesign of global supply chains to the setup time optimization of individual machines. The time horizon of such projects can range from short-term inventory optimization to innovation roadmaps with several years.

io-consultants brings decades of project experience and cross-industry know-how from strategy to implementation to this complex topic area.

Our solutions

For each of the services in our broad portfolio, we combine data-driven analysis, established lean methods, and our abundant project experience to create tailored solutions for each client.

io-consultants’ expertise does not lie solely in highly competent analysis of the initial situation and developing solutions, but especially in the subsequent implementation. Our IT expertise enables us to also consider the automation and system side as part of the overall solution.

With us as a partner, the client specific solutions can be implemented efficiently within the planned schedule and budget. To ensure the sustainable success of Operational Excellence projects, we always strive to involve your employees at an early stage to create excitement and trust in the solution.

Your added value

The added value of Operational Excellence projects with
io-consultants can be measured using a wide range of individual key metrics. The result is a sustainable improvement in the overall performance of your supply and value chain, your factory or your logistics center. This starts with maximum transparency of structures and processes.

Throughput and idle times are reduced while product and process quality are improved. At the same time, we enhance your company's profitability by increasing capacity utilization and reducing operational costs.

Together with you, we find the optimal level of automation for your physical and administrative processes and support you in mastering complexity and small batch sizes.

We structure our Operational Excellence services into the following areas of expertise:

How we work

For each project, we define a concrete approach together with you. We are guided by the following phases:

  • 1. Target definition

    • Determination of the overall goals
    • Derivation of concrete individual goals and key metrics to measure the success of the project
    • Determination of the project scope boundaries
  • 2. Analysis of the initial situation

    Analyse und Aufnahme der Ausgangssituation
    • Detailed recording of existing processes and structures
    • Data-driven analysis
    • Determination of maturity level
    • Benchmarking (external and internal)
  • 3. Development of solutions

    • Identification of quick wins
    • Joint development of possible solutions and identification of new approaches
    • Detailing of the most promising optimization concepts
    • Review of technical and organizational feasibility
  • 4. Business case and implementation

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    • Economic evaluation of the solutions
    • Creation of an implementation plan
    • Support in decision-making
    • Implementation of the optimization approaches

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