Holistic biotech planning for manufacturing biotech drug substance and drug product

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing is changing. Besides large scale manufacturing, the demand for flexible multi product facilities increases. Single use technologies are indispensable in small and medium volume production. The variety of single use innovations and a lack of standardisation, however, present constant challenges when planning and implementing production facilities.

Holistic planning and efficient implementation of single use facilities – thanks to 20 years of experience in the biotech industry.

Together with our clients we developand implement integrated concepts for manufacturing biotechnological substances and pharmaceuticals. We have accumulated comprehensive market knowledge in implementation projects, supplier qualifications and the co-development of single use systems, and thus offer our clients profound expertise in pharmaceutical planning, logistics, IT, and automation.

We also help you with key planning and production issues ahead of the investment decision-making phase:

  • Selection of contract manufacturers
  • Determination of production costs
  • Make-or-buy decisions
  • Site selection
  • Technical due diligence

Our primary focus is always on quality and on reducing investment and operating costs. For instance, flexible space concepts and optimised logistics processes can be used to effectively exploit the benefits of single use systems, such as low production costs and fast product change-over. Our “plug and work” automation concepts enable quick replacement of production equipment and secure the necessary high flexibility of multiproduct facilities.

Flexible space and utilisation concepts in biotechnology

Improved effectivity with io consultants

Our consultants have up to 20 years of experience in planning, implementing and operating single-use facilities for manufacturing proteins, antibodies and virus-based biologics. Clients benefit from our comprehensive market knowledge accumulated in a great number of diverse implementation projects, supplier qualifications and the co-development of single use systems.

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