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White Paper "Covid-19 Pandemic – Steps to Normality"

The first Covid-19 vaccines have finally been approved and are now ready to be administered in a large-scale vaccination campaign. But what does this mean for the return to normality?

Many challenges and hurdles must still be overcome to achieve widespread vaccination and immunization. In addition to further developing the vaccine, representatives from industry and politics are currently seeking solutions for commercial-scale vaccine production, vaccine storage and distribution, and the challenges of the procedures at the vaccination centers. Ethical questions, such as fair global vaccine distribution, must also be discussed alongside the technical issues.

Read our white paper and get an overview from our experts of the progress in vaccine development, production, storage and distribution and the technical challenges for implementation. Learn about the required guidelines (EU GMP, FDA, national regulations, and laws) for the vaccine manufacturing process and the competencies needed to implement them.

With our vast project experience and your valuable input, we will together identify your specific needs and deliver the best solution for your project.

What do challenges and possible solutions look like in detail?

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